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Can I use my luncheon centerpieces for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah party later that evening?

Absolutely! Especially if you are on a tight budget or feel strongly about reusing and re-purposing. But you definitely want the evening party to have its own look and feel as it is a party with a LOT of energy and hours of celebrating, and the luncheon is, well, lunch… Besides, your guests have already seen them.

Evening/party centerpieces are more of a statement than the luncheon centerpieces. You can incorporate them or parts of them into the dinner centerpieces especially if the theme is being carried through or they fit into the same theme/color scheme as the evening event.

Luncheon centerpieces tend to be simpler and more understated than the main event centerpieces, so another way you can re-purpose them is to use them sporadically around the room such as the bar, food stations, gift and escort card tables, in the candle lighting, belly bars and cocktail tables. Lots of places around the room where you can use them. For the evening you’ll want to add some light or glow to accent it where you probably won’t need that at lunch.

And you’ll want to brainstorm this with your Event Planner and/or your Decorator – they’ll have great ideas for how to re-purpose your luncheon centerpieces into your evening celebration.

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