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5 Innovative Mitzvah Themes for 2017

Exploring unique themes and ideas for your upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the key to differentiating your celebration from the next. Developing different concepts than the ever-present sports or dance themes take time and thought. Planning a party to be remembered for a lifetime can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you think through new and fun ways to plan a party with a creative theme. Check out some of our ideas below!

Which Emoji are you Feeling Today? 😍 🎉 🎁

An Emoji-centric party can be both playful and exciting! Tracing the Emoji theme during your party can be an easy and effortless way to engage your Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s friends to have fun at the party. Haven’t you ever been literally “heart eyes” over party decorations? Emojis placed strategically around the venue can add joy to all participants! Sweets, candies, and cake near the dessert tables, fun faces as a part of each centerpiece, a photo-op area with Emoji props. The opportunities are truly endless!

Street Art for the Creative Mind

Transform your venue into a vibrant center for street art and artistic expression. Adorn the walls with graffiti inspired backgrounds, decorate your venue with empty paint cans and brushes, and meticulously place ladders to enhance the industrial feel of the venue. Create an exciting and creative area for the guests to paint their own masterpieces to take home.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Take your guests on an adventure soaring through the universe. Construct a faraway galaxy by tracing the theme throughout a myriad of areas at the event. Wrapping the venue walls with intergalactic inspired backdrops, hanging stars and planets from the ceilings, creating unique space inspired centerpieces, and serving space and planetary decorated desserts will all add to the creativity of the event.

An Industrial Steampunk Look

Convey the feelings of the 19th century industrial movement highlighted with aesthetic designs of machinery and technology. Perfect for your Bar / Bat Mitzvah that loves engineering and figuring out the inner workings of machines. Encourage your guests to dress fashionably steampunk   will take the party to a different level of fun.

Your Own Fantastical Wonderland

Walk into a whimsical wonderland decorated with all of the elements that magically transport your guests from one world into the next. Create a landscape of colorful mushrooms, enchanted trees, and a charmed garden to bring fairytale elegance to life. Featuring mystical forests with larger than life mushrooms, a make-believe courtyard and animated wonderland flowers. Enhance your narration of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s own imaginative tale, rich in fantasy.


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